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The Veilioux Domain is a family-owned since more than two hundred years based in Fougère-sur-Bièvre in the area of Cheverny indiciation , in the heart of the Loire valley.
The 25 hectares of vine are cultivates in organic culture for more than 20 years. The vineyard is the centre of an ecosystem.

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Our varietals are the followings
- For white wines : sauvignon, Menu Pineau, Chardonnay
- For red wines : Pinot noir, Gamay, Côt
In order to preserve the expression of the terroir, we make wine without adjunction of selected yeast and we do limit the use of sulfites.
We bottle the wines ourselves and the bottles are kept in our wine cellar. The diversity of our allows us to prepare specific vintage we’d like you to try.

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No upcoming events at the moment

Thursday Feb 9 th and Friday Feb 10th 2023

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